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Top 10 des meilleures citations dans Life

life 203 - Top 10 des meilleures citations dans Life

Pour le retour de la seconde partie de saison de Life, histoire de marquer le coup, quelques grands dialogues que l’on a pu avoir durant les précédents épisodes. Difficile de faire le tri, tellement il y a de pépites dans la série, mais voilà une petite sélection, triée par épisode, et non par préférence :

Charlie: (à Reese) The dog must have took a bullet for the kid. Then took the shooter’s finger off. Anyone ever love you that much?

(1.01 – Merit Badge)

Charlie: It’s all here. Except for what’s not here.

(1.02 – Tear Asunder)

Charlie I’m Charlie and I’m powerless. Hate is a prison, anger is the warden and rage, rage is the guard who takes a piece of you every day. You all know what it’s like. You fall, you hit the bottom, the bottom breaks, you fall some more. You get lost.

(1.06 – Powerless)

Charlie (à Reese, au téléphone) : How come you only call me when someone’s dead?

(1.08 – Farthingale)

Charlie: See that car….not here. That building…not here. Not actually here, just more like it to be here than to not be here. That dog…not here. That girl…not here. Too bad about that. This street…this city…everything…not here.
Reese: If you’re not here, how come I can still see you?

(1.10 – Dig a Hole)

Charlie: I’d like to come back as a giant Flemish rabbit… fifteen pounds of pure bunny.

(1.10 – Dig a Hole)

Charlie: That’s what the newspapers said.
Ted:You don’t believe them?
Charlie: Newspapers said I was guilty!
Ted: Yeh, they said I was guilty too.
Charlie: Ted, you were guilty!
Ted: I know, but, it still hurt to see it there like that in print.

(2.05 – Crushed)

Charlie: You wanna know something else? A kitchen table isn’t clutter, a kitchen table is a kitchen table.

(2.07 – Jackpot)

Charlie: It is not what we carry with us but what we let go that defines who we are.

(2.09 – Badge Bunny)

Charlie: I’d like to go to my own wake.
Dani: But then you’d be dead.
Charlie: Except for that part.

(2.09 – Badge Bunny)